September 29, 2015

Super Blood Moon Timelapse

So I wanted to try out my hand at shooting an HDR timelapse on top of still images of the moon on September 27, 2015..

There’s a few things I could do better, and I knew I didnt have everything perfect going in to shoot it. A lot of it could be fixed in post with some good software, but I dont exactly want to spend $100 on software just to perfect a video that I took for personal fun artistic use.. its pretty good as is :)

September 29, 2015

Super Blood Moon

Went out to Shelter Island last night for the Super Blood Moon and shot on 2 cameras. One was for single images and the other was for time lapse HDR. Here is my favorite shot from the single image series.

I shot this at 150mm, 2 ” @ f/5.6 ISO 400, at 7:21 PM, about 20 minutes before totality of the eclipse, but it was the best view including the city.

I will be posting the time lapse HDR image series soon.SupermoonEclipseSanDiego

September 11, 2015

Sunset, Sunrise

Over at the Grand Canyon, facing east from Hopi Point. I spent a couple days in the Grand Canyon, went for a long hike along the South Rim one day, and took the bus back there a couple mornings later. Shooting both a sunset and a sunrise from the same spot reminds me of my favorite episode of the Simpsons.. The Mysterious Voyage of Homer

“Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset.
Sunrise, sunset. (Sun shatters on the horizon)
AGHHHH! Note to self: Stop.. doing.. anything.” – Homer Simpson_MG_5082_HDR _MG_5183_HDR

September 1, 2015


Years ago when I was shooting on Holga, I never showed most people these pics. I am about to have a little showing of the prints I made of a few of these at Salon Styletto, so I went through these old pics. The Holga is the most basic camera, a light proof box with a plastic lens and small metal spring tripped shutter. In its simplicity, I feel no need to be do anything except for point the camera and click a button. This little camera is a wonderful tool to understanding light and motion, shape, form, aesthetics, and most importantly, creating images close to my heart. I have printed only a few of these images one time, and they have finally moved from hanging in my house to hanging where other people can enjoy them. Putting this post up makes me want to get back to that old Holga. It followed me to Burning Man, through many concerts, the Bahamas, and all around; between the the years of aught six and aught eight.


Where The Wild Things Are, in a beautiful record collection


Silent Comedy


She Speaks with Light


Pall Jenkins playing with Black Heart Procession


Tobias Nathaniel playing with Black Heart Procession



Black Heart Procession

corie copy

Miss B


Im not exactly sure, but its alright.

crystalballThe Orb at Calle Laredo

fear copy

Tschetan, my favorite person who I never talk to

joeOne Becomes Three

mary copy

Virgin de Guadalupe


Self Portrait

myhouseCrooked Treehouse

sebastiona copyHer Eyes in RGB

the bozzAlex Bosworth reads at Chris Vannoy’s Christmas

warriorGrandmother’s Warrior


Mr. E and his realistic doll

wesley copyNew Years, I kissed her then she ditched her wheelchair

August 26, 2015


Wanted to take a pic of this beautiful piece of labradorite I was once given in exchange for a framed print. Labradorite is a very interesting rock, as it reflects light at different angles. The Labradorite is from Labrador, Canada, and if that isn’t enough labrador; labradorescence and labradorization are words to describe the reflective surface of Labradorite. Anyway… This took a good bit of lighting on a mirror. Using my Lowel Kit, I used all 3 lights, and had to finely tune them for a good while in order to get the best reflections (or labradorizations) from the piece of Labradorite. Just needed to have all of the lights to the right of the Labradorite, the background light directly on camera, the softbox next to and feathered toward the lens, and the omni light above the softbox, also feathered toward the lens. The whole set was an old long mirror I have, with a piece of white board as the background. You can notice how different the rock looks from the reflection on the mirror compared to the direct piece, different parts are brighter or more colorful from different angles.

August 20, 2015


Just took some quick headshots of my friend and hair stylist Christa Cascolan. Check out her web links here:
Yelp Facebook Yahoo!



August 17, 2015

Philipp Horn

I love Rieslings, so I took this pic of a bottle of Philipp Horn 2013 Riesling Spätlese. Pretty delicious wine. _MG_4190

GBurns Jug Band

July 29, 2015

G Burns Jug Band

Shot G Burns Jug Band on some 4×5 film, with a projected image. This was for their new album “The Southern Pacific and The Santa Fe”. Great guys! They were just jamming the whole time I was setting up and getting ready for everything, making it a really fun shoot and a private jam session all in one :)

Processed at home in my darkroom, scanned in and edited in lightroom. There weren’t too many adjustments needed, just a little bit of balancing the band and the projected image behind them, and some other basic edits – all able to do in the darkroom, but digital is much easier..

Any time you get a chance to check out G Burns Jug Band live, you should! They usually play at the Black Cat bar and other venues around San Diego. G Burns Jug band Website:

May 4, 2015

Duplex Virtual Tour

My Families duplex is now available for rent, and since I shoot virtual tours for a living, I figured I would take one of this beautiful property that we just finished restoring. Virtual Tour 1939 Cypress Ave.

January 20, 2015

Andrew Norelli

Recently did a shoot with Comedian/ Actor/ Writer Andrew Norelli. It was definitely fun being on set with a couple of comedians! Check him out at

Andrew Norelli

Andrew Norelli

Andrew Norelli


January 5, 2015

Gayle Skidmore

Here is a pic of Gayle Skidmore; a beautiful person, singer, and master of of music. She has won SD music award for best Singer Songwriter in 2013, and best Pop album in 2014, and one of the most pleasant people I have had the opportunity to photograph.

For this pic I had a friend (grampadrew), whose mother had handcrafted flowers and flower banners for her daughters wedding. I borrowed these for the shoot, hanging the flowers from the ceiling and setting up the flower banners in front of a white backdrop. The backdrop was lit with a strobe, while Gayle was lit with hot lights. I wanted a bit of color difference in the image, and to have the strobe spill a little to give a blueish aura around Gayle. Its light, and looks a bit like chromatic aberration, but I still like the way that it came out.

Go here to listen to some of Gayle’s beautiful music:


January 5, 2015


A nice little pic of Grampadrew playing guitar. I wanted to try and capture a bit of his musical stylings and personality in a picture. He speaks from the heart on political and social topics, but much more than that, he is a friendly and caring individual who holds the essence of punk rock in his heart while playing down straight good country tunes. Check out his tunes here:


January 5, 2015

Matt Strachota

I took these pics of Matt Strachota a good while ago, and even though I already delivered them to him, I’m just now getting around to putting them up on my website..

My idea here was to just have a straight portrait, shoot HDR with film, and process the images together. I shot a total of 6 negs, 2 x +2stops, 2x correct exposure, and 2x -2 stops. when all was said and done and I scanned the images in to my computer, I decided to only use the +2 and the -2, then overlay textures I had previously created on top of the negatives to give it the tintype look. He currently performs under the name Trailduster, although I first heard him play when he was with Bartenders Bible



January 5, 2015

Sunday Funday

Spent my Sunday trying out a few shots.. The motorcycles are projected on the wall with Kandice in front of it. I wanted to try my hand at using a projector in photos, which can be a bit challenging. Really do need a huge space in order to have the screen dark and enough light on the model. After a lot of flagging the lights, I was able to balance it out, with a pretty decent result and not too much editing needed.

August 13, 2014

Super Moon 8/10/2014

So I pulled out my new 6D camera and did a long exposure HDR of the Super Moon on August 10, 2014 from the top of Iron Mountain. I was using a Promote Control to do these exposures, and had the longest set at 16 minutes, while the shortest was at 1/250th. Here is the result:IronMtnSuperMoonHDRscreen-1

July 28, 2014

Salvation Mountain Virtual Tour

Here is my Virtual Tour of Salvation Mountain. It was about 100+deg when we went out there, but there were still about 5 other groups of people out there while I was shooting this, it’s just an amazing and creative landmark. You can find out more information at their website:



July 16, 2014

Gary Hankins

Did some double exposures of local musician Gary Hankins on 4×5 TriX film. Here are all 6 shots I took:webGaryHankins-1 webGaryHankins-2 webGaryHankins-3 webGaryHankins-4 webGaryHankins-5 webGaryHankins-6

July 14, 2014

Guitar Bags

Did a shoot for a local artist, so that she can sell her guitar bags online. They are pretty cool.. Had some more time, so we played around a bit in the studioKandice-1 Kandice-2 KandicePaint

June 9, 2014

Photo Exhibit at Boulevard3

I will be showing some of my new and old work at the opulent indoor/outdoor nightclub, Boulevard3, on Sunset Blvd. It is shaping up to be a great night with many artists, fire dancing, a scavenger hunt, spoken word performances, and several DJs.

You will be able to add your name to the guest list at I look forward to seeing you there!


April 15, 2014

Lunar Eclipse 4/14


The lunar eclipse last night was beautiful, and took a few hours so I set my camera up on my balcony and took an HDR of it at its peak. At 12:46 last night I was shooting a bracket of 6 images, and here is the result. It might have been a bit redder if it wasnt for the massive amounts of light pollution that comes off of the city, I had to adjust the white balance to make the sky a somewhat more neutral tone.. There were a few clouds out last night, but they moved on and the really light clouds did add an interesting feature, making for a nice halo effect around the moon.


April 3, 2014

Two Wolves


I shot this image of the band Two Wolves with my Lowel hot light set, and wanted rough grain so I exposed the film at 6400 ISO. I really wanted some straight photo funk to pop out, so I massively overdeveloped it using D-76 at a 1:1 ratio, 125degrees, and developed at 12 minutes. That’s how the blacks in the motorcycle tires got all muddled and the edges look flashed. The film base itself isn’t doesn’t have a visible edge between the image and the area blocked by the film holder. Its definitely not an exact science when you are purposefully damaging film for the effect, but with a lot of practice under my belt, I can hit that nail blindfolded.

I scanned this in and the only touching up I needed to do was set the black and white points where I wanted them, remove a couple pieces of dust that weren’t where I wanted them, and layer another previously destroyed scanned in negative just for the texture. I would have done it all in the darkroom and made some sweet silver prints, but I don’t have the space to set up my darkroom right now. That will be hopefully be happening in a few months though!

February 17, 2014


This seems like an interesting site to meet potential clients as well as to find other local services within the local search area. Ill keep using it and see how many new clients I meet! MattWJ Photography


January 24, 2014


Pool and home of James Hubbell ranch


January 24, 2014


Pool house of private ranch home in Santa Barbara, CA


January 24, 2014


James Hubbell architecture of the back side of the boys home