GBurns Jug Band

July 29, 2015

G Burns Jug Band

Shot G Burns Jug Band on some 4×5 film, with a projected image. This was for their new album “The Southern Pacific and The Santa Fe”. Great guys! They were just jamming the whole time I was setting up and getting ready for everything, making it a really fun shoot and a private jam session all in one :)

Processed at home in my darkroom, scanned in and edited in lightroom. There weren’t too many adjustments needed, just a little bit of balancing the band and the projected image behind them, and some other basic edits – all able to do in the darkroom, but digital is much easier..

Any time you get a chance to check out G Burns Jug Band live, you should! They usually play at the Black Cat bar and other venues around San Diego. G Burns Jug band Website:

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