January 5, 2015

Gayle Skidmore

Here is a pic of Gayle Skidmore; a beautiful person, singer, and master of of music. She has won SD music award for best Singer Songwriter in 2013, and best Pop album in 2014, and one of the most pleasant people I have had the opportunity to photograph.

For this pic I had a friend (grampadrew), whose mother had handcrafted flowers and flower banners for her daughters wedding. I borrowed these for the shoot, hanging the flowers from the ceiling and setting up the flower banners in front of a white backdrop. The backdrop was lit with a strobe, while Gayle was lit with hot lights. I wanted a bit of color difference in the image, and to have the strobe spill a little to give a blueish aura around Gayle. Its light, and looks a bit like chromatic aberration, but I still like the way that it came out.

Go here to listen to some of Gayle’s beautiful music:

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