September 1, 2015


Years ago when I was shooting on Holga, I never showed most people these pics. I am about to have a little showing of the prints I made of a few of these at Salon Styletto, so I went through these old pics. The Holga is the most basic camera, a light proof box with a plastic lens and small metal spring tripped shutter. In its simplicity, I feel no need to be do anything except for point the camera and click a button. This little camera is a wonderful tool to understanding light and motion, shape, form, aesthetics, and most importantly, creating images close to my heart. I have printed only a few of these images one time, and they have finally moved from hanging in my house to hanging where other people can enjoy them. Putting this post up makes me want to get back to that old Holga. It followed me to Burning Man, through many concerts, the Bahamas, and all around; between the the years of aught six and aught eight.


Where The Wild Things Are, in a beautiful record collection


Silent Comedy


She Speaks with Light


Pall Jenkins playing with Black Heart Procession


Tobias Nathaniel playing with Black Heart Procession



Black Heart Procession

corie copy

Miss B


Im not exactly sure, but its alright.

crystalballThe Orb at Calle Laredo

fear copy

Tschetan, my favorite person who I never talk to

joeOne Becomes Three

mary copy

Virgin de Guadalupe


Self Portrait

myhouseCrooked Treehouse

sebastiona copyHer Eyes in RGB

the bozzAlex Bosworth reads at Chris Vannoy’s Christmas

warriorGrandmother’s Warrior


Mr. E and his realistic doll

wesley copyNew Years, I kissed her then she ditched her wheelchair

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