August 26, 2015


Wanted to take a pic of this beautiful piece of labradorite I was once given in exchange for a framed print. Labradorite is a very interesting rock, as it reflects light at different angles. The Labradorite is from Labrador, Canada, and if that isn’t enough labrador; labradorescence and labradorization are words to describe the reflective surface of Labradorite. Anyway… This took a good bit of lighting on a mirror. Using my Lowel Kit, I used all 3 lights, and had to finely tune them for a good while in order to get the best reflections (or labradorizations) from the piece of Labradorite. Just needed to have all of the lights to the right of the Labradorite, the background light directly on camera, the softbox next to and feathered toward the lens, and the omni light above the softbox, also feathered toward the lens. The whole set was an old long mirror I have, with a piece of white board as the background. You can notice how different the rock looks from the reflection on the mirror compared to the direct piece, different parts are brighter or more colorful from different angles.

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