May 23, 2013


Went camping in Yosemite for 3 days with a few good friends at the Wawona campground. We all went hiking, had a good time at the campsite, and I spent most of the time taking pics, chopping wood, and trying my hand at fly fishing. All around a great camping trip. Here’s a few of my pics.. I pretty much just shot HDR images for all of these. Completely handheld, with 3 exposures at 2 stop brackets. It’s not the absolute best for HDR images, but I know HEP2 would give me decent results for it :)

Yosemite15 Yosemite14 Yosemite13 Yosemite12 Yosemite11 Yosemite10 Yosemite09 Yosemite08 Yosemite07 Yosemite06 Yosemite05 Yosemite04 Yosemite03 Yosemite02 Yosemite01

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